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We’re moving, again! WordPress has been great to us, but my husband could not keep away from our new Mac software. Visit our new website and blog at:



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Be Thou Our [and His] Vision

Yesterday at church we sang “Be Thou My Vision” for our last hymn. This is a long-time favorite of mine for many reasons, but mainly I love the lyrics and desire of the author to fix his eyes on Jesus. In 2 Chronicles 20 it catalogues Jehoshaphat’s prayer before going into battle. Knowing they are powerless against their enemies, he pleads to the Lord, “We do not know what do do, but our eyes are on you” (v.12). 

This captures, I think, what our prayer is at the moment, and will continue to be on into parenthood. Help us to fix our eyes on you, Lord.


I walked down the aisle to this at our wedding, wanting to remind myself even right before taking my vows that Christ is my first love. As I reflected on this and how I want the same to be true for Liam (that is, that Christ would be his first love) I found myself weeping through the last 2 stanzas. I have to admit, it is not abnormal for me to weep while singing hymns (and this has nothing to do with pregnancy; I have a long history of crying in church), but the feeling of wanting something so badly for this little boy inside me was unreal. 


The more we feel him kick and the closer May 6th gets, the more we realize that we are about to be parents. It is exciting and scary (the good kind of scary) at the same time. Sweet Deanna sent this for little Liam yesterday-can’t wait to put it on him!


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28 Weeks…

12 more to go! 

(11.5 to be exact, and we’re hoping he comes early. How does my tummy stretch anymore?!)




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26 weeks


Liam is kicking like crazy. We figure he’s either going to be a soccer player for a Spanish league, a kicker for the UT Longhorns, or simply hyperactive like his mom. Lord help us!

He kicks the most when his dad is preaching. To hear Bryce’s recent sermons online (Liam highly recommends this past Sunday’s sermon on prayer.) go to:


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Christmas 2008


What a whirlwind of a holiday! 2009 is approaching and we have no idea where time has gone. We are grateful for a holiday season spent with dear family and friends, in both Montana and Texas. (Excuse the gargantuan photos-I’m still working on sizing!)

img_58441Mountain-man Bryce!

img_58522Chopping down Christmas trees in Custer Forest with the Barrie family









img_0219Spending time on the San Antonio River with our dear friends Matt and Love

img_5901Mom (or should I say Grandma) made Baby Waller a precious stocking!

img_59122Uncle Mikey was so excited for Baby Waller’s first Christmas that he came downstairs in his footed pajamas on Christmas morning-Ralphie style!

img_5918Who’s tummy is growing faster, Bryce or Lisa’s?


Lisa wins. 


With Michael and cousin Elena

img_5925This was our greatest gift this season by far- we’re having a BOY! 

Liam Christopher Waller

4 months to go!



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Baby Waller



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We are so Thankful…


Dear Baby,

Happy Thanksgiving. You are four months old today in my belly, and we are so grateful that we will meet you in a few months.  Today we are thankful for so many things, especially you. My belly is stretching and the bump is growing. The doctor says we will be able to feel you move and kick soon – we can’t wait.

 Your dad is preaching today at the Thanksgiving service. He practiced for me last night and his sermon is wonderful, reflecting on Psalm 30:

 “You have turned for me my mourning into dancing;

you have loosed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy,

that my glory may sing your praise and not be silent,

O LORD my God, I will give thanks to you forever!” (v. 11,12)

What a gift that we can truly give thanks in all circumstances, because we have a Jesus who loves us, and no matter what our suffering, his love is deeper still.

 We hope you will know this love from the moment you are born – that you will see it in the way we love others, in the way we love you, and in the way we love each other. Supposedly you can hear us now, as your tiny ears have already developed, so hear this now, and listen every day when we tell you, “Jesus loves you.”


Mom and Dad

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